Tablets and slate computers

With the release of Apple's iPad many people are asking the question, what are computer tablets? Tablet pcs are a slate-shaped portable computer device, often with a touch screen or a stylus to operate it. Many new mobile phones are designed like tablets with this ease of use in mind, meaning computer tablets are the best device to have if you are always on the move.

The physical dimensions of computer tablets offer you an increasingly more mobile way to interact with your computer and where notebooks lack practical use or functionality, the tablet pc excels. Although the term computer tablets was made popular be Microsoft in 1980, many other manufacturers are creating tablets of their own, giving you a broad range of options in what you want.

Tablets come in four different forms for functionality, adapting well to any needs, be it business or personal use. Booklet Tablets are dual screen tablets, which fold open like a laptop or book.

Typically these tablets include multi-touch screens and pen writing recognition capabilities, perfect for making notes on the move. Booklet tablets are the ideal pc for planning capabilities, internet surfing, e-reading and other media related tasks such as video watching or for playing music.

Slate computer tablets resemble old classroom writing slates and are a pc without a dedicated keyboard. These tablets require users to use handwriting recognition via an active digitizer with fingertips or a stylus. Alternatively, you can connect an external keyboard to type like you would with a laptop or PC.

These slate tablets incoporate small LCD screens and have remained a popular addition to vertical markets, i.e. health care, field-work and education, and are perfect for field or science research with many slate tablets offering longevity with heat and humidity resistance as well as additions that protect against dropping and vibrations. However, adding focus to mobility and long-life can lead to elimination of moving parts, which may hinder qualities.